Welcome to our New Website!

  Grace Acupuncture and Integrative Health and Dr. Rachelle Matias, DACM are proud to announce the unveiling of our website. Here you can find useful information on our integrative and traditional healing therapies for new and existing patients. Other new features include an online store to fill and refill herbal and nutraceutical prescriptions along with a patient portal that provides easy access to scheduling, medical records, and other resources.

 More great news! To enhance your experience and improve clinical outcomes we are expanding our integrative health team.

 Meet Anna, our patient care coordinator who is your go to for questions and assistance on scheduling, insurance, and financial policies. We are thrilled to have her support our patients’ care.

 Meet Christian, our health and nutritional coach who assists Rachelle in delivering functional nutrition plans and provides patients with critical diet and lifestyle education to help them achieve their health goals.

 Stay tuned as we announce new programs on fertility for couples, anti-aging and beauty, gut health, hormones, weight loss for cardiovascular health, and stress reduction.

 Lastly, we just wanted to take a moment to personally thank all our patients who have partnered and trusted us in guiding them through their health journey over the past year. It has been a privilege serving the Lehigh Valley and helping to pioneer integrative health and spread the benefits of east asian medicine for patients ready for natural solutions beyond a pill. We look forward to growing with you all.

 Blessings and love,

 Dr. Rachelle Matias, DACM health team.

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Rachelle Matias