From the first session I knew Rachelle was skilled. The intake appointment helps her get a baseline. My issues were complex and she sorted through everything. She always listens to what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. I have had success with anxiety around flying and my shoulder pain too. I’m a huge believer in acupuncture!
— L. Mull | Working Mom & Busy Professional

Started treatments in Nov 2018 for back pain and pain shooting down legs. After a failed back surgery 4 years ago. Had Multiple, Injections, Multiple Nerve Blocks, Multiple Radio-frequency ablations, Physical Therapy, Rhizotomy, and even a spinal stimulator. None of them gave me ANY long term relief. I have been at the mercy of pain Management Doctors forcing me to have more procedures or cut off my pain meds. (20+ procedures now with only scars and increased pain meds to show for it) FINALLY, I HAVE RELIEF FROM PAIN!!!!!! Since I started treatments here, I have been able to cut my pain meds 40% in 2 months. I have more energy and motivation and the drive to cut out pain meds gradually. I was not a believer in acupuncture, but was ready to try anything after 4 years of chronic pain. I wish I did this a long time ago…
— M. Markovcy | Disabled Veteran

I have been taking pain medication for 3 years. Since I have been coming here I rarely have to take them. I would absolutely recommend Grace Acupuncture and Integrative Health to anyone.

I never expected to be treated by an Acupuncturist, but after getting little to no relief from foot pain that made it almost impossible to walk with, having no where else to turn, I thought I’d give it a try.

The first visit I had a degree of relief I did not experience with traditional medicine. Rachelle’s gentle technique and professionalism along with a relaxed atmosphere gave me the confidence to trust her to see if I could be pain free again. My foot no longer gives me excruciating pain and she also has brought relief to my leg, hip and back pain. I have recommended her to many friends and I have becomes pleasantly surprised that her techniques can really make a difference.